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you know why ,

you know why ,

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your house is on fire
your children are gone

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Before reading any further, list five Nancy Drew games. Then answer the following questions.

  1. Secret of Shadow Ranch
  2. Curse of Blackmoor Manor
  3. The Phantom of Venice
  4. The Silent Spy
  5. Treasure in the Royal Tower

Who is your favorite character from 4 and why?

Zoe because she doesn’t take any bullshit

What was your favorite moment/scene in 1?

I really like baking the cake for Tex’s bday, randomly lol

Which game do you like more, 2 or 3? Why?

VEN, definitely

Who is your least favorite character in 5?

Uhh… I guess Lisa?? I don’t really like Jacques either though

Which game had better puzzles, 1 or 3? Why?

Um, I guess SHA? There aren’t a ton of puzzles in VEN

What was your favorite place/room in 2?

None of them? lmaooo, um no I actually really like the conservatory (where Mrs. Drake is)

Which game had a better cast of characters, 4 or 5?

SPY 10000000% TRT is a great game, especially for one of the original 5 but the characters were very two-dimensional. like Dexter was a troubled kid and he turned into an asshole adult, like we were supposed to see somewhat of a soft side where Ezra was concerned, but it was so…meh. Hotchkiss and Lisa barely existed. and Jacques with his fiancee like..what even was that

Out of all of the five games listed, which one is your favorite?

I guess VEN

Which game listed is your least favorite?

CUR, probably

How many of the listed games have Ned as a phone friend?

Well, now you’re just testing me, okay….I’m pretty sure you can only call B&G, F&J, and Charleena in SHA. I…have not played CUR in forever, but I know you can order food and talk to Jane’s dad, but probably someone else too, I just don’t remember who :0 You can definitely call Ned in VEN and SPY. TRT I know you can call Bess and George…but Ned? Maybe?? So I’d say 3 or 4.

How many of the listed games have take place outside of the US?

Three: England, Italy, and Scotland

Lastly, did any of the listed games have a surprising culprit?

VEN and SPY? like kind of? I’m never like super surprised tbh. except maybe in HAU lmao but I didn’t list that one sO

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pansy dru

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm going to liveblog the Nancy Drew PC games. For fun.

I'm 23; that's still 10+ right?

Prepare yourself for obscene amounts of cursing and shaking your head.

I'm samajama on the HeR community forum.